Here at Aticus Law our specialist wills and probate solicitors will assist you with preparing for your future.

Whether it be by making a will or an advance statement to declare your preferences and wishes over your care; or an advance decision which allows you to control the treatment you want or to refuse treatment if that was your desire, we have experienced and professional Wills and Probate Solicitors ready to help.

Old age, serious illness and terminal illness can often take us by surprise and rob us of the ability to make the right and informed choices about our care, well being and financial security.

Sometimes leaving your care or financial affairs for a family member to deal with can be a difficult decision to leave to others; often you want to make the choice yourself over what happens and who ensures they are the right decisions to make.

Our team of specialist Wills and Probate Solicitors at Aticus Law can prepare on your behalf a Lasting Power of Attorney, which deals with your Health & Welfare and/or your Property & Financial Affairs. Making sure you remain in control of your future, even when you don’t have the capacity at a later date, all managed through our legal professionals.

At Aticus Law we believe The Future is ours to Create - Nobody can predict the future, but we can be prepared for it.

Preparing a Will
Making a will is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure that your loved ones are looked after, and your assets dispersed according to your wishes, after your death. However, a significant proportion of adults, including those with dependent children, have not made a will. We aim to remove the mystique surrounding wills and make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. As well as advising you on how to ensure your will reflects your wishes, we can write the document for you, ensure it is free of ambiguities, is correctly witnessed and complies with all other legal requirements. We can also store the will for you.

Reviewing & Updating Existing Will
It is sensible periodically to review an existing will to check that it reflects your current situation and wishes, and to ensure it does not risk sparking a family dispute. In particular, it is important to review and update a will following your marriage, divorce, the death of your partner, the birth of a child (especially a first child) and perhaps also when your children reach adulthood. Our expert team of wills and probate solicitors will discuss your existing circumstances and ensure your will reflects them. If it does not, they will rewrite it in accordance with your new situation and wishes. This new will has the effect of revoking your previous will.

Inheritance Tax Planning
Inheritance tax thresholds are a source of worry for many, especially those who are not married but who have long-term partners or who fear losing family assets to HMRC. At Aticus Law, we have many years of experience in advising clients on inheritance tax strategies and in ensuring that their planning remains legally compliant. Contact us for a preliminary discussion of your options.

Trust for Children
Setting up a trust for minor children is complicated and always requires specialist advice and careful planning. Our practitioners have considerable experience in the establishment of both bare and discretionary trusts, and can help you decide which best fits your circumstances and needs.

Deeds of Variation
It is sometimes necessary to reallocate assets or property left to the beneficiary under a will after the testator has died. We can assist you to do this via a document called a deed of variation. Contact us today for a confidential discussion of your circumstances and future options.

Lasting Power of Attorney
A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) allows someone else to make decisions – property, financial and medical – on your behalf when you are no longer able to do so. Deciding whether or not to draft a LPA can seem tricky but, in fact, it is a sensible and pragmatic step that anyone can take at any stage of their life. Our team of wills and probate solicitors have considerable experience of advising clients on the mechanics of drawing up an LPA, including who to appoint as an Attorney (or Attorneys).

Court of Protection
The Court of Protection has responsibility for individuals who can no longer make decisions relating to their own financial, property or medical affairs and who do not have a valid Lasting Power of Attorney. At Aticus, we can help in a number of ways: for example, if you are concerned that someone close to you is losing capacity to manage their own affairs or if you are worried about your own ability to take the right decisions, whether for yourself or for someone else, we offer sensitive and pragmatic advice on the next steps to take. We also have experience in dealing with disputes over who should act as a Court of Protection Deputy and in Court of Protection cases involving intricate financial matters.

Probate and Estate Administration
Probate and estate administration may seem baffling to anyone lacking experience in the area. Furthermore, in the aftermath of the death of a loved one, dealing with probate and its potential repercussions can be emotionally challenging. Our experienced probate team can remove all the inherent stress and uncertainty. In supporting and advising the executor or personal representative on the carrying out of their duties, we can assist with matters such as registering the death, applying for probate, tracing missing beneficiaries, identifying estate assets and liaising with HMRC.

Will and Estate Disputes
Disputes concerning wills or the estate of someone who has died intestate are relatively common. They also represent significant emotional challenges for those involved. At Aticus, we provide practical and timely advice on matters such as concerns over a will’s validity, the practicalities of contesting a will, and what to do where a will omits to mention specific dependents who may make a claim against the estate.

Business Protection and Succession Planning
At some point, even the most successful business owners and managers usually step aside and allow the business to continue under someone else’s steerage. Successful transitions require careful planning – and this is where we can help. Whether you want to retain a measure of financial involvement or not, our team of wills and probate solicitors will assist you to formulate a viable strategic plan for the future of your business. For example, this might include a merger, expansion overseas or the identification of a specific successor but, whatever your ideas, we will ensure the protection of your future financial and emotional interests.

Unmarried cohabitees lack the legal protection provided to those who are married or in a civil partnership. Consequently, it is essential to take expert legal advice to ensure that your partner is protected after your death and, for example, does not have to leave their home or see large amounts of assets handed over to the taxman.

Family Wealth Planning
High net worth individuals and families have very specific requirements and concerns. We have considerable experience in assisting such clients to manage, grow and protect their wealth for the benefit of future generations. Our wills and probate solicitors' solutions are always commercially-minded, tailored to each client’s specific situation and comply with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

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