Our personal injury solicitors understand the dramatic effects an injury can have on your life, family and lifestyle. That’s why we offer a fast, friendly service and a no-nonsense approach to claims.

All of the claims professionals here at Aticus Law are experts regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. We provide fast-track access to the new personal injury portal system, which progresses personal injury claims, meaning we can give you a speedy answer as to whether you have a claim or not.

We know that money alone is no true compensation for the traumatic effects of an accident or permanent personal injury, but we will work hard to ensure you receive the maximum amount of financial compensation and any medical assistance you require. We offer a range of services and a straightforward approach, promising to:

  • Look at the facts of your case with you and explain in a straight forward manner whether or not you have a potential claim.
  • Deal with your claim under our 'No Win, No Fee' Agreement if we decide to take your case on.
  • Once your claim is underway a solicitor will review your case regularly and continue to advise you on your prospects of success.
  • Never ask you to take out a loan or sign a consumer credit agreement.

Offer you a fast and reliable service with an assigned solicitor, who is there to protect your best interests and get the right result to which you are entitled.

Accidents at Work

If you’ve had an accident at work, it’s natural to feel anxious about pursuing a compensation claim against your employer. However, you can rest assured in the knowledge that all employers are obliged to insure themselves against this type of circumstance, and that any industrial injury compensation you may receive won’t be paid directly from your employer’s pocket.

Our solicitors have in-depth experience of dealing with a wide range of industrial accident claims, ranging from forklift truck accidents, ladder accidents, machinery accidents, scaffolding accident, slips, trips and falls, demolition accidents, crane accidents, lifting and manual handling injuries, back injury etc. If you decide you don’t want to pursue a claim, you should still consider reporting the incident to your local Health and Safety Officer, particularly if there was a Health and Safety violation.

Road Traffic Accidents

Have you been injured in a road traffic accident in the UK? If you have, you may be entitled to claim compensation. You can make a claim with Aticus Law if you were a driver, a passenger, a pedestrian, or cyclist involved in an accident that was not your fault. You may also be able to have Aticus Law make a claim for you if you are a relative of someone who died in an accident that was not their fault.

Claims can arise from accidents involving all manner of vehicles – including car, bus, lorry, motorcycle and bicycle. If you’ve been involved in a road traffic accident and want to make an accident compensation claim, here are things you can do to speed up the process of obtaining your compensation:

  • Get the name and address of the person whose fault it was
  • Obtain their insurance details, including policy number and insurance company
  • Note down their vehicle registration number;
  • Take down the names and addresses of any witnesses who saw or have information about the accident
  • Take down the name of the police officer who attended the accident and any correspondence from them.
  • Draw a sketch plan of what happened

Serious & Catastrophic Injury Claims

Compensation cannot change the past, but it can help those affected achieve a brighter future.

Catastrophic injury is generally defined as any serious injury that results in a permanent disability, long-term medical problem or a reduced life expectancy.  Here at Aticus Law, our team of specialists treats each case individually and always strive to meet the individual needs of each and every client.

Catastrophic injuries can occur as a result of a number of circumstances, including clinical negligence, road traffic accidents or accidents at work. Such injuries require a multi-disciplinary approach because they have such devastating affects on the individual themselves and their whole families.

Compensation can be recovered to assist with care, treatment and rehabilitation and to compensate for loss of earnings as a result of the incident.

We are usually able to act on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis, which will ease the financial stress which is sometimes associated with these claims.

Slip and Trip

Slips and trips are very common types of accident, and you may be able to bring a claim against the person or party responsible for maintaining the surface you had your accident on. If it’s a public footway operated by the local Highway Authority, then the claim may be a little harder to pursue (the law recognises that Authorities don’t always have the resources to maintain their highways) but it is not impossible. The courts have developed a general rule of thumb saying that if the hazard in question, say a hole in the ground or raised paving stone, is less than 1 inch high or deep then this is unlikely to be hazardous enough for a claim to succeed. However, claims have been pursued for injuries caused by smaller defects.

Other examples of tripping and slipping cases include accidents in premises like supermarkets, shops or other private or public property. In these cases the owners or occupiers have legal responsibility for your safety all the time you are on their premises. You can therefore look to bring a claim for compensation if you’ve suffered injury because they failed to take reasonable steps for your safety. In the past, we have won cases for clients who have slipped on fruit on a supermarket floor, tripped on a raised paving slab, slipped on wet floors or entrances to shops and many more.

What is my Personal Injury claim worth?

In order to evaluate what your injury claim might be worth, we look back upon past injury compensation awards for serious and minor injuries and the amounts commonly awarded in those cases. Other financial losses incurred including past and, if appropriate, future loss of earnings and expenses are paid in addition to these and are referred to as "special damages".

Please read the footnotes carefully.



ANKLESevere injuries and significant permanent disability£15,000 - £25,000
Fractures and ligament injuries resulting in moderate disability£6,500 - £13,500
ARMSerious fractures of one or both arms£9,000 - £29,000
Uncomplicated fractures - complete recovery within a short period£3,000
BACKStrains, sprains, soft tissue injuriesup to £6,500
Severe back injuriesup to £14,000
ELBOWSeverely disabling injuries£18,350 - £25,000
Injuries leading to impairment of function£7,500 - £15,000
Moderate or minor injuriesup to £6,000
HANDLoss of fingers£2,000 - £9,000
Severe fractures with partial amputationsup to £18,500
Fractures with impairment of grip£4,250 - £5,850
Serious injury to ring or middle fingers£7,000 - £7,750
Loss of thumb£18,000 - £27,500
Severe dislocation of thumb£2,000 - £3,500
HEADMinor injuries involving no brain damageup to £6,000
Minor brain damage with good recoveryup to £21,000
HIPMinor injuriesup to £6,750
Severe injuriesup to £13,000
KNEELacerations, twisting or bruising injuries where recovery is completeup to £3,250
Ongoing minor symptoms of aching discomfort, occasional painup to £6,500
LEGSimple fracturesup to £4,250
Severe injuriesup to £7,000
NECKRecovery within 2 years£1,000 - £3,500
Severe neck injuriesup to £13,000
SHOULDERDislocation of the shoulder£6,000 - £9,000
Moderate Injuries£3,750 - £6,000
Minor Injuries£2,000 - £3,750
WRISTInjuries resulting in significant or permanent disability£12,000 - £19,500
Less severe or permanent disability£6,000 - £12,500
Where recovery is completeup to £5,000
Uncomplicated fractureup to £3,500


* None of these approximate values are to be construed in any way as any type of (express or implied) representation, pre-contract (and/or) post-contract promise, statement, term or condition in any way whatsoever. Whether any person injured as a result of an accident has a right to claim for and/or the amount (if any) of damages that may be awarded will depend on numerous factors (which include but are not limited to) where the accident occurred, how and why the accident happened, who was to blame for the accident, whether the accident victim contributed (in any way) to the cause of the accident, the merits of the claim, whether the claim can be substantiated by independent verification, the nature and extent of any injuries caused by the accident and/or their effects, whether any pre-existing injuries and or illnesses were present at the time of the accident, any characteristics (peculiar or otherwise) which are personal to the accident victim, the length of time it takes for any injuries and/or symptoms and/or their effects caused by the accident to settle or not as the case maybe, the length of time after the date of the accident it takes for the accident victim to seek help in pursuing the claim, the amount of co-operation (if any) the accident victim gives to his/her Specialist Personal Injury Claims Advisor and or Solicitor.

Other Accidents

If you don’t see your accident or injury listed in the previous sections, and you have suffered injury as a result of an accident that wasn’t your fault, we may still be able to help you with a claim. If someone else is to blame then you might be entitled to compensation following any accident in the UK that caused your injury. Simply get in touch and we will be able to look at your individual circumstances.

Feel free to call our professional team for a free, no-obligation informal discussion, and we’ll discuss your particular requirements in greater detail.

Contact Head of Department, Greg Almond now, so we can speak to you immediately and move your enquiry forward today.

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