At Aticus Law our highly experienced team of residential conveyancing solicitors are here to ensure that your property transaction runs as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Buying or selling a property can be a daunting experience for anyone. Our experienced conveyancing solicitors take on the burden for you and lead you through the minefield of requirements and obligations associated with any purchase or sale.

Our residential conveyancing team employ a comprehensive and sophisticated case management system, which ensures your transaction is conducted as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We provide you with a complete quote for the work that we will undertake on your behalf, including standard searches and disbursements that will be incurred on your behalf. The quote that you will be provided is the total cost of your transaction, we believe in complete transparency for the work undertaken on your behalf.

So if you are buying or selling a property, need advice on a shared ownership or require us to draft or negotiate a lease on your behalf, our residential conveyancing solicitors are here to help in all the following popular areas:

Sale of Property
Selling a property can be complicated business. A variety of legal obligations must be met before ownership of a property can transfer. Our conveyancing solicitors ensure you meet all these obligations and provide the right information in response to any queries from the buyers or the searches they conduct. We are also always happy to help you coordinate a simultaneous sale and purchase.

Purchase of Property
Buying a property involves a number of legal and procedural steps. These can include investigating the property’s title, conducting searches, preparing documents, writing and exchanging contracts, payment of Stamp Duty Land Tax and registration at the Land Registry. All our residential conveyancing solicitors hold extensive experience at guiding purchasers through the purchase process meaning you can complete the transaction as smoothly and expeditiously as possible.

Changing the mortgage on your property by moving to a new lender is called remortgaging. You may wish to do this as a result of divorce or the death of your co-mortgagee, to find a better financial deal, or to release additional funds. Whatever the reason, our conveyancing solicitors help you through the process and ensure it is conducted quickly and efficiently.

Transfer of Equity
Changing the co-ownership status of your property necessitates completing a Transfer of Equity deed. There are several reasons why someone might want to do this. They include to add a spouse following a marriage, to remove an ex-spouse after a divorce, and to reduce inheritance tax liability. Before completing the deed on your behalf, our team of expert conveyancing solicitors will advise on your particular situation and, in particular, on the effect any mortgages or other restrictions on the property may have on the process.

Deed of Gift
Transferring property by deed of gift allows you to transfer that property without any money changing hands. This is often done for reasons of estate planning, although is not a decision to take lightly. As well as helping you execute the deed, our residential conveyancing solicitors and probate lawyers can ensure you explore the implications of choosing this option and consider any alternatives.

Buy to Let Properties – Sales and Purchases
The government has tightened the legal framework surrounding this popular investment. Whether you are a first-time buy to let investor, are seeking to add to an existing property portfolio, or are planning to sell an existing property, let our conveyancing solicitors guide you through the mortgage requirements, tax implications and tenancy considerations.

Help to Buy
Buyers looking to take advantage of one of the government’s help to buy schemes face a more complex conveyancing process thanks to the additional contract for the equity loan from the government. With considerable experience in guiding clients through the process, our residential conveyancing solicitors help make the purchase of your new home as smooth as possible.

Shared Ownership
Buying a shared ownership property involves particular considerations specific to this type of transaction. As well as assisting you through the process, our expert conveyancing solicitors ensure you understand how you can buy additional shares in the property in future, the operation of the rent review clause, and what happens when you wish to sell the property.

Right to Buy
Eligibility to buy your council home or housing association property depends on several variable factors. Our residential conveyancing solicitors all have considerable experience in helping tenants exercise their right to buy, including in circumstances in which they need a mortgage to do so. Contact us to discuss your eligibility and the process involved.

Probate Sales
Managing an individual’s estate after their death may involve selling a property. Probate conveyancing differs slightly from the normal sale procedure. This can be difficult to deal with during what is likely to be an already stressful and emotional time. Our teams of conveyancing and probate solicitors are experienced at handling the transfer and sale of probate properties. We can advise on both the grant of probate needed to permit the sale of the property and the deed of assent necessary to execute its transfer.

New Build Purchase Conveyancing
Buying a new build property can be more complex than other types of residential property purchases. This is due to the potential for costly mistakes in the development and build process. Errors in complying with the planning process, incomplete or absent NHBC inspections, failure to finalise agreements for roads and sewers, and insufficient planning for ongoing maintenance of the common parts of a development can all have costly implications for property owners.

It is essential to instruct legal advisers who understand the risks posed by these issues. Our conveyancing team have considerable experience in helping clients buy new build properties while steering clear of potential problems. We will also ensure that your deposit is fully protected, the contract is favourable to your interests and can advise you on the advisability of a ‘long-stop’ completion date.

Auction Conveyancing
A successful bid at a property auction places you under a legal obligation to complete the purchase within a set time frame or face losing your deposit. This means you need to be prepared to act immediately, which includes leaving details of your legal advisers with the auctioneer so that the seller’s solicitors can make contact. If you appoint us prior to the auction, we will be happy to prepare a pre-auction report, advising on the sale conditions and any other significant information. If you appoint us after your successful bid, we will act to ensure the purchase completes successfully within the requisite time frame.

Lease Extension
In certain circumstances, leasehold owners of property may be able to extend their lease. Whether you choose the formal (statutory) route or the informal one, you are likely to benefit from experienced legal advice. Specialising in both types, our team will advise you on the pros and cons of each.

Declaration of Trust
Also known as a trust deed, a declaration of trust clarifies who owns a property, in what percentage share, and how it is owned (freehold, leasehold, joint tenancy, tenancy in common etc). It should state the initial contribution made by each party, how the proceeds are to be divided upon any sale, and make provision for what happens in the event of the death of one of the parties to the trust.



Every transaction is different, which is why we encourage you to contact us so that we can provide you with a detailed estimate of all the fees that would be applicable in your particular circumstances. We will update you regularly on your costs throughout the matter so you can stay in control throughout.

(All fees, additional fees and disbursements are excluding VAT.)

OUR FEES FOR THE SALE OF A PROPERTY: -                                            

Sale PriceFee:
< £250,000£495.00
250k – 500k£595.00
500k – 750k£695.00
750k – 1 million£995.00
> 1 millionPOA



Purchase PriceFee:
< £250,000£590.00
250k – 500k£695.00
500k – 750k£795.00
750k – 1 million£995.00
> 1 millionPOA



Leasehold Flat Supplement.            £200.00.         Leasehold House Supplement       £100.00

Newbuild Supplement                     £200.00.         Shared Ownership Supplement     £200.00

SDLT admin fee                                  £75.00.           Deed of Covenant                             £100.00

Arranging an Indemnity Policy        £50.00.           Purchase Acting for Lender             £150.00

Sale Acting for Lender                      £75.00.           Transfer of Equity Fee                       £75.00

Defective Title Fee                            £100.00.          Checking Solar Panel Lease           £75.00

 Unregistered Fee                             £150.00.          Statutory Declaration Fee               £50.00 


Re-mortgage ValueFee:
< £250,000£295.00
250k – 500k£395.00
500k – 750k£495.00
750k – 1 million£750.00
> 1 millionPOA

Please contact us immediately, so that we can provide you with an individual quote based on your specific circumstances.

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