The experienced team of civil litigation solicitors at Aticus law deal with all aspects of this particular sensitive area of common law.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, a dispute breaks down to the point where there is no other option but to commence proceedings against another party or to defend proceedings brought against you.

We deal with civil litigation related to the following areas:

Breach of Contract

Contractual claims can cover a wide range of issues. Non-payment for goods or services; failure to provide goods or services (or failure to provide non-defective goods or services); and breach of restrictive covenants are some of the most common situations in which a party may fail to fulfil their contractual obligations. Our advice is aimed at resolving the dispute in an economic and timely fashion that is always proportionate to the value of the case. Where possible we will help you pursue Alternative Dispute Resolution rather than pursuing expensive court proceedings. [In certain circumstances we can offer a range of fee options, including no win no fee and fixed fee arrangements.]

Directors Disqualification

Failure to comply with any of the legally-prescribed duties of a company director can lead to disqualification. Likewise, wrongful trading, breaches of competition law and certain criminal convictions can have the same result. If you are facing directors disqualification proceedings, our experts will help you understand the case against you and offer proactive advice aimed at avoiding disqualification.

Division of Assets

Division of assets can be complex and contentious, necessitating skilled and tactful legal advice. Our initial aim will be to help you reach agreement with the other party via negotiation or mediation. We will then advise on incorporating the agreed terms into a deed of separation, or a consent order that we will ask a court to ratify. Wherever possible, we seek to avoid the stress and expense of court proceedings.

Professional Negligence

Making a professional negligence claim is not a simple matter. If you consider you have grounds for complaint against an expert who had a duty of care towards to you, we can offer you advice and assistance with the matter. We will discuss with you the terms of any contract, whether the professional is insured, the evidence needed to prove your case, and the loss you have suffered as a consequence. Where a case merits, we will advise further on the pre-action protocols necessary to bring a claim.

Disciplinary Proceedings

Disciplinary and regulatory matters are some of the stressful moments of any professional’s working life. Our experience in handling such cases extends to complex cases involving substantial media or public interest. Matters on which we can assist include advising on and conducting investigations; [prosecuting] and defending regulatory and disciplinary proceedings, whether before professional tribunals or in the court system; [judicial review]; and [intervention into existing High Court proceedings].

Unpaid Bills & Debt Recovery

Customers who fail to pay their bills are a real problem for many businesses. We can guide you through debt recovery processes and also offer advice on implementing systems to reduce the number of late or non-paying customers.

Landlord and Tenant Issues

The differing interests of landlords and tenants can make rental properties a common cause of disputes. Conflict over unpaid rent, unlawful subletting, breach of contract, lease renewal and eviction are some of the issues that we can provide expert legal help with to resolve matters satisfactorily and expeditiously.

Neighbour disputes

Anti-social behaviour arising from late-night parties, drink, drugs, loud music or noxious smells; harassment; and encroaching leylandii or Japanese knot weed are just some of the ways in which neighbours can be anything but neighbourly. Subsidence, tree root damage and boundary issues, including Party Wall Act disputes, can also be contentious for both parties. We offer tactful, expert legal advice that gets to the heart of the problem.

For other areas of of Civil Litigation, our team of qualified Solicitors can advise you on all aspects of your case.

Whilst it is our immediate job to evaluate the claim, having taken your instructions and read through all the relevant documentation; it is also important to consider other potential remedies, such as negotiation or resolution through mediation.

Our civil litigation experts will take you by the hand and lead you through this complicated process, advising you of all the options available to you so you can make an informed choice as to how to proceed in your case.

Feel free to call our professional team for a free, no-obligation informal discussion, and we’ll discuss your particular requirements in greater detail.

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